• itsubishi Trucks Complete Range
  • itsubishi Trucks Complete Range
  • itsubishi Trucks Complete Range
  • itsubishi Trucks Complete Range


Complete range of the latest Mitsubishi trucks.

We can supply you with the very latest models from the range of over 100 Mitsubishi trucks – diesel counterbalance, LP gas counterbalance, electric counterbalance and warehouse trucks. Our sales team will help you select the exact models to match your requirements, and we can also help with a range of finance options.

New trucks can be supplied in the standard Mitsubishi green or in other colours.  We specialise in Pyroban applications suitable for working in potentially explosive atmospheres. All the Mitsubishi trucks we supply are available with a manufacturer’s unique guarantee of 5 years / 6,000 hours unrivalled.  We also offer a very superior extended warranty package on pre-owned equipment.

  • It’s not just about what it cost it is what it can generate for your business
  • Looking beyond just the cost of the fork lift, consider reliability
  • Although cheaper options might be out there, going elsewhere could be an expensive mistake to make
  • The best truck you will ever have is the cheapest – provided it never breaks down
  • But if it breaks down and you cannot get it fixed – it will be the most expensive ornament you will be stuck with!

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